Vinegar is low in calories

As most vinegars do not contain sodium or sugar, they are ideal for flavoring foods on restricted diets.

Cristal Vinegars
are Vegan

Except Honey Vinegar which is Vegetarian.

Vinegar has an antioxidant effect

Vinegar contains polyphenols, plant-origin chemicals that have an antioxidant effect that can protect cells from oxidative stress, a possible stimulator of tumor growth.

Vinegar contributes to a disease-preventive and healthy diet

It adds flavor and complements other plant-origin foods that contain polyphenols such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains, which constitute a healthy disease-preventing diet.

It’s the best seasoning

There is no other seasoning with so many applications.

No other brings out so many sensations.


The acidity of vinegar brightens the flavor of foods

and adds balance to rich dishes.

The incredible Portuguese cuisine is rich in dishes that have Vinegar as a star or ingredient.

Vinegar can be used to preserve food

a preservation method that, by killing bacteria, prolongs the shelf life of perishable food.

Vinegar can be used to change the texture of food

It breaks down the chemical structure of protein when it is, for example, used as a marinade to tenderize meat and fish.

It is good for food and life

Cristal believes that by rediscovering Vinegar – an ancestral and accessible product – people will have a more flavorful, healthier and more surprising diet and life.

Cristal is the Mother of Vinegar

Cristal is the vinegar specialist in Portugal. No one else can say the same

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A Cristal está na génese do vinagre no nosso país.